The Formation of ICDU UK

In brief, about 35 years ago, a few of our Ibusa men took their wives to attend a meeting in Bognor Regis. During the trip, the men realised that they have had so much informal gatherings of Ibusa people and therefore, there was need to formalise such meetings, in line with ICDU worldwide. The names of the Sons (now Diokpas) who went to Bognor Regis are Diokpas Ezezchie, Okocha, Okonkwo and Okonta.

Dr A Izagbo President, ICDU -World wide

Prince Azuka Umerah, ICDU UK President

Prof Vincent Icheku, ICDU UK Vice President

Mr Ony Okonkwo, ICDU UK Gen. Secretary

Onowu Jude Nwanze, ICDU UK Provost

Mr Chukwuka Ejoh, ICDU UK Social Secretary

Mr Mike Ashikegbe, ICDU UK Financial Secretary

Mr Fred Umerah, ICDU UK Welfare Officer

Dr E. Ugoh, ICDU UK Treasurer

Barrister Charles Nwanze, ICDU UK Asst. Gen. Secretary

Comrade Ephraim Adinlofu ICDU UK Web Master


Diokpa, Barrister Ezechie - First Coordinator ICDU UK (RIP)

Engr J. Okeze, First President ICDU UK: 1985-1996

Diokpa Ben Okechukwu, First Vice President ICDU UK: 1985-1996

Barrister F Ushedo, ICDU UK President: 1996-98

Onowu A. Nwaenie, Uwolo of Ibusa, ICDU UK President 1998-2000

Dr Pat Azu Okonta ICDU UK President 2000-2004

Mr Roland (Eze Nwata) Nwanze, ICDU UK President: 2009-2014

Comrade Ephraim Adinlofu Gen Secretary, 2009-2014

Onowu Tony Uwajeh, ICDU UK President 2014-2019

It was from this simple informal gathering that fundamentally led to the formation of ICDU UK. Initially, meetings were hosted for many years by Diokpa (Barrister Ezechie), who on his own entertained and refreshed the community for years. He was the first Coordinator of the Union and much is owed to his foresight. However as membership of the union grew, there was a realisation that Union needed a bigger venue to host the meeting. Engineer J Okeze eventually found the current Hall in Vauxhall in 1991 and this was the simple way in which the formidable ICDU UK branch of the union was formed in the UK.

Becoming a Member

Membership of the Union is open to all Sons and Daughters of Ibusa in the UK. The Union has a well written constitution, and with over 100 active members. It is worth mentioning that through the achievements of the ICDU UK, the women branch of the union was formed in 1996, under the Leadership of Engineer J Okeze. See officers details